Parent Reviews

Vanessa Arzola

My daughter Sophia loves it here. She really needed classroom structure and learning. The staff is kind and understanding to her needs. I like their online app for easy communication.

Agata Juretko

My son started here a few weeks ago and I’m very happy with the center. All the staff are friendly and caring 🙂 I especially love the daily updates that are sent to the parents on activities, meals etc. I’m very comfortable leaving my child in their care and he comes home smiling!

Serena Hughes

Children's choice north second street. This place is great!. My Daughter loves her teachers and they have lots of fun activities from water days, sports days, movie days and even have entertainment like musicians. I would highly recommend this place for your littles.

Tisha Williams

My grandson gets the absolute best care from this facility. The attention and care he gets from the teachers is so genuine and sincere, they are kind and patient. I know when we drop him off he’s being left in great hands. Thank you to all the staff for your daily love & care..

Vanessa Wengeler

We love children’s choice my daughter has been going for almost three years and she went from a shy girl to very social to others! She is ready for kindergarten thanks to Santee children’s choice! Highly recommend this center for all preschool age children 2 and up!!!

jessi B

The santee location is amazing. My kids have been here for 3 years ....the staff is spectacular and Mr Victoria is awesome! Highly recommended

Angela Damon

I really love having my girls go to Children's Choice. The teachers are amazing and my 2 girls love it. We've been going for 3 years and will continue until they age out.

Joshua Finley

This daycare is amazing they take such good care of our son and everyday is is sp happy to tell us what he learned the staff is friendly and always there to help we love Children's choice !

Bonnie Zagorski

They treat our son like family!! I love when he comes home and shows us how much he has learned! The teachers are friendly, extremely caring and teach a great curriculum.

Michael Cammon

This is a wonderful center and I couldn't be happier with my daughter attending. She has been going since she was 14 weeks and is in elementary school. The director, Ms. Freda, keeps an open door policy so that I can take my questions and concerns to her and she is available. The staff know their profession well and it shows. Constantly engaging with the children, providing all kinds of activities and the kids really love them. This is a great choice if you want to feel confident that your kids are being taken care of, taught and loved.

Denisse Castruita

my baby just love this place I can see the smile on his face every time we go there she says goodbye to me with great enthusiasm because she knows that she will have a good time there , the teachers are very kind I am very happy to have found this place

Joanne Madrid

Highly recommend this preschool. We started my son there for preschool and my daughter was pretty much raised there (infant to preschool). Great staff and a safe environment for the kids. Both kids have "graduated" from this school. Upon entering TK and Kindergarten they we both well ahead of the school curriculum because all of the things they were taught here! We miss everyone and will most likely be back for the summer program.

Leticia Ramirez

My daughter started attending children's choice when she was 2 years old, and my 4 year old son has been attending since he was 2 and I must say that I saw a HUGE growth in development in both of my children. I highly recommend children's choice to any parent looking for a trustworthy and safe place for their child(ren).

Kami Parrott

We have been with Children's Choice Madison for 2.5 years now. My 3 kids go there and we love all the teachers and staff. My kids are safe and loved, what more could a mom ask for?!

Desiree Melia-Baldwin

Children's choice is the best daycare I ever had my kids in. Two of my children went threw Mrs. Kathy's dragonfly class and they both did fantastic in Kindergarten. My youngest child had food allergies which was scary enough as is. The teachers were fantastic and understood my worry. They were able easy my mind daily with food journals.

Tera Longest

Our son has been going here since he was 3 months old. Everyday he displays something new he has learned. He is not even 2 yet and can count well past 10. He is working on his vocabulary and continuously show improvement. Before he started talking he would use sign language that he learned in the infant room. Just Incredible! We could not be happier. Love Children's Choice Madison!

Skye Hendrix

This location is incredible!!!!! The staff is friendly, loving and really make connections with the kids. My son was always taken care of, and it's so convenient that they provide transportation. Thank you ladies for ALL you do!!! Even though we moved I still tell people about our experience and refer other families

Caylah Williams

An absolute amazing school! Both my girls went here from ages 9mths and 8 weeks old up to ages 9 and 7 yrs old. The other reason we left was because we moved out of state. Never found another school that even holds a torch to CC! Mrs.Candis, Mrs. Yicela, Ms. Kathy, Ms. Lea, Ms. Freda...they are more than teachers...they became family. I highly recommend this school to anyone and everyone!

Amber Longest

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this place. Our son has been attending this location for just over 1.5 years now and is doing amazing! Ms Freda and her staff have made us feel like they are part of our extended family. Some highlights: Hours are 6 am to 6 pm, weekly activity schedules are posted in each room, they structure interactive events for the kids and they ensure each step of each transition process is done with your input.

Luis Muniz

My 3 kiddos have been here for about 5 months now. 6,4, and 2 year old. All three LOVEEE the ladies at this center. In the past my kids would cry while being left at care, when they're dropped off here with Mrs. Victoria the just go, they feel at home. I am also military and Mrs. Victoria comes from a military household, so she understands the work flow. Mrs. Patty, Mrs. Vanessa, and Mrs. Freya are some of the most friendliest care takers I've met. And again, my kids love them, which is ultimately what matters most.

Dawn Nay

I absolutely love Children’s Choice! The daycare center is well-run, with a bright lively campus. The staff are amazing and are so wonderful with my daughter. I would highly recommend Childrens Choice to any parent that is looking for a daycare/preschool in East County San Diego.

abigail zea

This daycare has friendly and great staff , my son loves it so much because they have all sorts of activities and they do projects once in a while.

Vanessa Wengeler

This center is amazing my daughter has been here since she was 2 at the Santee location. She was a shy little girl that only wanted her mama and she opened up and started making friends. On top of that, she has learned so much and is ready to start kindergarten this August!!!

Bethany Harris

childrens choice is an awsome place for children. My granddaughter has beeb going here for 8 years. Great place.

DaNia Harris

My daughter, has been attending for over 6 years. She absolutely loves going to Children's Choice each and every day. Throughout the years she has had some of the most caring and attentive teachers she has ever known. The centers are completely up-to-date with amazing events for the children during the holidays and summer!!! I highly recommend any of the Children's Choice learning centers throughout East County!

Ada Torres

So thankful to have Children's Choice! The program itself is a blessing for us working parents. It's a big relief to know your child's is safe and in good hands. The staff is amazing! Love it here

Jacob Jackson

During the last 3 years, we toured most facilities extending from Point Loma to East County. Our extensive research included the following wish list: A consistently safe & clean facility, quality education, experience with child development, affordability, meal inclusion, staff involvement, convenient location & hours of operation. All while providing a caring, nurturing, and fun environment!

We found that here, and more - the facility is beautiful, and the classrooms are picture perfect. All staff (including the owner) is actively engaged with both children and parents. It is evident that everyone loves being a part of this preschool & daycare. We feel extremely comfortable leaving our children in their hands for the greater part of the day; it is like an extension of our home & family!

We can certainly say that Children’s Choice is truly the best choice when it comes to children’s care & education.

Sulay & James Jackson

Abby Lopez

Children's Choice has been so far the best daycare my children had gone to. They are family Oriented and are always understanding. My oldest has been going to Children's for about 5 years or so and when I had my second son they received him with open arms and now they are getting ready for the third lol. They have been so supportive and they have always communicated with me with everything when it comes to my children since I work full time. Both children go to separate Children's Choice and both locations have always been clean, organized, friendly and helpful. My children couldn't be in a safer place... Children's Choice is like family to us.

Packer Momma

Children's Choice has always given wonderful attention and care to my son in a very nurturing and safe environment. Going into pre-kindergarten, he has already mastered many of the skills that he will need for the year. He started going to CC when he was an infant, and we have gladly stayed with them as our care provider over the years. They also bring together the community and have many fun events throughout the year to keep the children engaged, from planting a garden to festivals to art shows and incorporating art projects and field trips, you really get the whole package at Children's Choice.

Brian Massett

Our 2 boys, ages 6 and 1, both attend Children's Choice. The staff is friendly and they really care. They constantly do fun, age-appropriate, and educational activities with the kids. The baby loves finger painting, and he's working on his sounds and motor skills. The older one loves the water park days, and they even took a field trip and went bowling recently. I've got nothing but great things to say!

Sarah O'Connell

My children have been attending for the last 6 years. The teachers are amazing and they treat you like family. I myself have joined the team and am so happy to be apart of the Childrens Choice family even more. It is the best part of my day helping all the little ones grow and make daily accomplishments !!!!!

Fernanda Porres

Great staff, they are great with the kids both my children have attended and they love it. they learn a lot.

Vc B

My experience of Children 's Choice is excellent.The staff are respectful and friendly.Children's Choice is a great place for your child to be able to learn and grow.

Benjamin Harris

This place is amazing! We have a 3 year old and he is so well taken care of! They communicate with us constantly, are always reachable, and he always tells us how he loves his school and teachers! They are always doing activities that really help the kids develop and learn skills, from sports to art. I was always so hesitant to use a day care, but after almost 2 years, I don't worry about him being there!

Scott Spencer

The santee childrens choice is great. All the teachers care about the children and the chef makes yummy food for them to eat. Victoria is always polite and there if you need her!

matt lagler

Staff is great and both my kids love being at children's choice. There are times our kids just do not want to leave.. very interactive and my children love showing me what projects they have done for the day. I can honestly say we have made new family friends with the staff and would recommend children choice for everyone who is looking for a excellent daycare.

julia diaz

We love Children’s Choice Santee! When we first moved to Santee, I was so nervous about finding a good place for our son that matched his needs and our schedules. Ms. Victoria was so helpful and so flexible, they made me feel at ease! Now my son is thriving there and loves going to school! We feel blessed by all the staff and Ms. Victoria, knowing our son is in good hands!

elizabeth leventhal

My son has been going here over a year and he loves it . From the moment we got a tour of the place from Mrs. Victoria she made my son feel very welcomed . Some days he doesn’t even want to come back home because of the fun he is having . He has made great friends and has learned a lot since he has started going here . All the teachers are very caring, feels like a family . I am always very comfortable leaving my son there every day .

Ashley Moreno

Great place for before and after school care I like that I can drop my child off on my way to work and I o she will be taking care of and dropped off at her school also the staff is great love them all

Jaelisa Blugh

Since my son started at children’s choice it’s been daycare of choice from the moment we drove into the parking lot. My son has developed his learning skills extremely quick. He is almost 5 years old he talks really clear, potty trained, and he is well advanced with learning skills for his age, the staff is amazing they are like family, and the director she stays on top of it all. Since the recent pandemic Children’s Choice has been a safe haven for my son.

Raheed Issak

Children choice is the best school ever! 4 years my kids attending and participating in this school, they learned a lot, grow up in an educated manner, even now during the Covid (19), they keep tracking my kids through zoom program and keep asking about them. I always recommend Children choice Madison to your kids.

Demetrius Williams

What else is more nerve racking for a parent than leaving their child(ren) at a daycare facility? Nothing! But I can assure ANYONE reading this review, that is something I have never experienced at children’s choice. From the moment you walk through the gates you’re greeted with warm smiles and friendly staff. I have seen firsthand the level of love and care they give to each child, and it is above every standard I have. If you’re looking for a warm, loving, LEARNING environment for your little ones. Look no further!!!

Shannon Sigler

The day is conducted like a preschool class so now both of my kids are classroom ready. My 4 year old can write his name and my 3 year old has been able to count to 10 in English and Spanish since she was 2 all thanks to Children's Choice!

Dawn Nay

I absolutely love Children’s Choice! The daycare center is well-run, with a bright lively campus. The staff are amazing and are so wonderful with my daughter. I would highly recommend Childrens Choice to any parent that is looking for a daycare/preschool in East County San Diego.

Kimberly Francis

The facility is clean and very inviting. All the teachers and director are amazing. I have brought my kids to this school/daycare since 2015. It has been so comforting leaving both my children in their hands. Both my boys have absolutely loved every teacher they have had and created such a special bond. I cannot thank/appreciate them enough! 🙂

Patrice Martin

My son attended Children's Choice from age 1.5 -3. He always enjoyed his time at daycare. All the staff were great I was always in the loop of what was going on. A lot of activities to keep not just the children, but their families engaged. Not to mention, very affordable!

Vanessa Wengeler

My daughter has been attending Madison location since she was one. She was in the infant room and now the toddler room! She says so many words, repeats words, and interacts with children. Something that doesn’t happen with most toddler age children. The teacher’s are amazing and you can tell they really do love what they are doing. Every day they greet my daughter as well as myself which makes drop offs easier for me. I highly recommend this center!!!


The way Children's Choice has taken care of my son is as if they were watching after one of there own. They have always communicated with me about how his day is or if he took a tumble. Ms. Freda and all of her teachers do an amazing job of taking care of not only my son but others children as well.

Alyssa Jimenez

Both of my children now ages 2 & 3 have gone to this place since they were both just 6 weeks old. It is the absolute BEST daycare in the world. The teachers and staff are so hands on and friendly. They truly treat my kids like their own. Not only that but my kids have learned so much over the years, I have no doubt when they start school they will have an above average level of understanding of all subjects in kindergarten. I would give this place 100 starts if I could.

Becky Rubalcava

What can I say? I love 💕 the staff and the location. It’s very convenience next to my kids school and fwy for work. They are very careful with the kids at all times. The staff are willing to work with you if things come up. I love the staff so much.

Christina Magiary

I would highly recommend this preschool. My daughter loves going everyday. The staff are very caring and compassionate with the kids. They are helpful with potty training as well. Great prices and food is included .

julia diaz

We love the Santee location! Our son has special needs and several providers would not even consider taking him. Ms. Victoria was so helpful and welcoming, it has been a true blessing for our family. Our son is thriving there and the staff are all so amazing! We love children’s choice!

Angela Damon

I love all the staff at Children's Choice. My two girls go to the Santee location and love every minute that they are there. We've been going here for almost 3 years now and the whole staff to me are an extended addition to our family.

Melissa Mccormcik

Mrs. Victoria and the other teachers are AMAZING!! Our oldest daughter loves them so very much! She still talks and ask to see them everyday. Our oldest isn’t with them as they helped her transition into Kinder and it was a smooth move. We appreciate you! The Lapointe’s

Elva Amador


Jenifer Harkness

My children have been coming to Children's Choice for 4 years! They came to us as foster kids and they had some behavioral needs Each and every teacher at Children's Choice has worked wonderfully in helping me and my children to live our best lives. We love Miss Jenny and Miss Vai and all the folks that work with them!!


First, I'm really glad I have found Children's Choice Childcare, MOST importantly the Prescott location. I even looked at other locations but none was even comparable to this location. As a parent it's really scary to choose someone and an environment that you can trust for your children. My oldest is 6 years old and my baby is about to be 18 months. I have looked everywhere and for a long time for a childcare that I believed would meet the needs and wants of my children as well as mine as a parent. In the short period of time that my kids have been there, I can really see the growth and development in the them. I am very pleased with the daily activities and nutrition that they recieve. The facility remains clean and organized. I really like that the kids are separated by age. However, my boys are close and although my oldest is in another classroom, they do take him to see and play with his younger brother. In addition, the teachers are all wonderful, patient, understanding, caring, and much more. Ms. Monique is the manager there but also very involved with the kids and parents, which I love! Anytime I did have a question or concern she has always been there to take care of it and make sure my mind is at ease. My baby is shy and hardly goes to people but every morning when he sees Ms. Monique he has a big happy smile and wants to go to her. I love how much creative activites and events that they have for the kids. There is so much more I can say but overall this facility is parents best choice!!

Jessika Willcoxson

I have four children at Children's Choice in Lakeside. My three year old has many behavior issues and they are incredibly patient with him and go out of their way to work with him. I have three school age children that go on field trips with them during the summer and are there sometimes after school. They are constantly doing fun projects and love the teachers. I have seen recent reviews about lack of supervision and children not being attended to until they cry. I don't know what center this was at but it definitely does not happen here. My children have been at other Children's Choice sites as well and I have never seen this in six years. Ms. Candis the director is the BEST and most compassionate director I have ever met. My kids have been in different schools through their years and I also used to work in preschools and I have never found a director who cares about her children and families as much as Candis. Ms. Kristen their assistant director goes out of her way for the kids and is so interactive with parents. To say she goes above and beyond her title is an understatement. Both her and Ms. Candis work like crazy. They come in early when needed, they stay late and they are always thriving to make their school the best place possible for their children. The teachers are all very involved with the children one on one and as a group. I couldn't be more happy

Leah Nicole Asprion

My son Jonathon has been going here for years!!! The staff is always helpful and they always have a fun time with the activities they do! They even have a set schedule for the summertime! Incorporating dress up day, water day, field trips and much more! I am always informed about any problems that occur and let known the great things my son does during the day! I definitely recommend this school to others! They are flexible with my schedule and are understanding. I appreciate them for everything they have done for my son and I. Helping my son develop and create imagination! Thank you so much Children's Choice, you are the best!!

Kristina Marie

I have been a teacher at Children's Choice for over 5 years! I started as a teacher's aide and worked my way through college to become a teacher! working with children is my passion and I have been doing it for over 25 years in and out of the classroom! working at children's choice has not only helped me fulfill my passion of teaching, but has also given me so much opportunity for growth as a teacher and as a parent to my own kids! I love where I work!

sarah platt

My daughter has been at the 2nd street location for over a year now and we absolutely love it. My daughter has a speech impediment and can’t form lots of works which has always worried me when it comes to childcare. We have never had any problems with this location and the teachers are great! Ms. Ashley is great and I have seen my daughter grow so much while attending this childcare. Love that they notify you if anything happens and send pictures of them throughout the day and they also let you know what your child is eating. Mrs. Kristen who is the administrator for 2nd street is amazing!

Savannah Anderson

My son has gone to childrens choice for over 6 months now. His speech and social skills has improved with him being in a social school setting. The staff is always friendly and remembers the parents to make sure you feel like they know you and the family. Would highly recommend anyone for a good learning experience and day care for their children!

Therese Simmons

This is the best childcare facility I have experienced! My children are very well taken cared of, always fun activities going on and the facility is very clean and well maintained. The teachers and staff are so very pleasant and they give my children a safe and fun home away from home! I highly recommend It to any parent that needs daycare.

Gloria Tornel

I am satisfied and happy with Children's Choice, my daughters really love this place! I've seen a lot of learning improvements in my girls since they started going here. All the teachers are super nice and caring, Victoria made us feel very welcome since the tour visit, she is always available with a smile on her face. I highly recommend it!

Keyla Abarca-Silverio

My son is a handful and I just cannot thank Mrs Victoria (as well as the other teachers) enough for all that they did for him and my daughter. We had to move to La Mesa but if it wasn't for that, they would both continue to attend Children's Choice in Santee!

Silver H.

My son has been going to Children’s Choice Madison since he was 8weeks old. I was told by a friend about this center and the moment I did a walk through I knew this was where he would go. My son is now almost 4 and the staff feels like family. He transitioned between four rooms and each time his teacher would keep me updated. What I love most was being able to sit in on class time when I had the day off and being allowed to participate and seeing what my son was being taught while in their care (pre COVID-19 of course). This school is amazing and I believe he wouldn’t know half the things he knows if it wasn’t for the curriculum they teach. I would choose Children’s Choice Madison 100x over and wish I could take them to my new city and state.

Stephanie brady

My daughter has been attending for 2 years now and its one of the best decisions I made. The teachers are wonderful and teach the kids how to be independent and basic skills they need while growing up. They help with potty training and are very interactive with the kids. Its not just a place I take my daughter to so she can play, she gets a nice education as well. Great school!

andrew mahrt

Both of my children go here. I love that they transport the kids to and from school and that they teach them when they are little, like a preschool. The teachers are attentive and my kids love going. They are slowly updating things as time passes, it’s a nice place where I feel my kids are safe.

Mariah Williams

I have entrusted Children's Choice Madison with the care of my daughter for over a year now and very recently switched my son to this daycare also. They have treated my entire family as their own family. We are greeted every morning with smiles and my daughter is excited every single morning to go with her teachers. My son is going through his transitional phase at a new daycare, but every morning and throughout the day the staff does everything to make his transition as smooth as possible and to make him feel loved and comforted. I have very high expectations for anyone caring for my children and I have yet to meet a teacher at Children's Choice who has NOT met those expectations.

Megan Salazar

I love the daycare and the teachers. The teacher are engaged with each child and are always fun. My son is always happy. They do art and put on holiday programs and include each child regardless of age. The playground is being remodeled which is awesome. The daycare is located next to a fire department and a church. I also love how there is no rule you can’t see your baby at anytime. They encourage you to come out and support. I love the arts and crafts the children do. They include infant/ Babies in everything

reta issak

My children have been attending Madison Ave. location. Since I started at this school, they were dealing with kids with responsibility, caring for little details, be sure every kid get his education, self depend, and give homework to prepare kids for their next grades, my kids now 4 years and I am so satisfied with the results. All the staff is so nice and caring and they are one family. I love them all and I recommend any family to register their kids in this wonderful school.

Shanna Vitale

Both of our children have gone to this location! We loved everything about it during our time there and even after! I have referred friends and they love it. The amount of education my kids received while here helped them transition into kindergarten. It’s like being a part of a family. They do so much for and with the children. The activities inside and out. Gardening, performances, fundraisers, plays, parties. It’s an experience I know I won’t forget!

Sabrina Garner

I found this place by pure fate and it has been a blessing to our family ever since. My son has been going here for about two years and it has been a wonderful experience. All the staff are so nice and caring and they have all turned into our family. I never have to worry about my son when he's in their care. He's growing into such a happy, smart and caring little man and Children's Choice Madison plays a big part in that. Thank you!!

Alisa Wagner

My children have been attending the Madison Ave. location a little close to 2 years now. I have never had any complaints on how they care for my children and they ALWAYS make sure we feel more than comfortable. I love all the activities and the great spirits from all the women, Ms. Freda is such an amazing woman and so is the rest of the team. I love them all and I know my children do as well. I always recommend my friends because of the care and nurturing from all of them, and I honestly trust these women more than anything. Thank you Children's Choice.

Denisse Castruita

my daughter juts love this place the teachers are very kind I am very happy to have found this place where my daughter is very happy

Elva Amador

Hi , my baby girl Estella go to the Children’s Choice El Cajon 1268 N 2nd st ! They are amazing with her she loves to go every single day ! She is learning a lots there all the staff is great!!!! She wake up and say mommy I want to go to school!! Last week she was sick and she get sad because she miss school so that means they do a great job with our little ones! Thanks for everything. Sincerely, Elva Amador

jennifer reynolds

At 1268 N Second St location, my son loves going there every morning. In the afternoon he comes out with a smile and says bye to his friends. The staff is awesome and very nice and sweet. Very affordable, good meals and snacks. Most importantly the kids have fun! Yes, you should try out this daycare!! 🙂

jessi B

I’ve had both of my boys here AT THE SANTEE LOCATION since my youngest was two years old he is now 5. VICTORIA is the best and all the teachers there really love the kids. Would recommend to any parent looking for great childcare

Vince Miranda

The Director, Mrs. Victoria is Great!! She works with our schedules and is one of the only before school care/after school care facilities that is able to provide bus transportion. They're able to drop off and pick up our kids from school. We appreciate you! Miranda Family

tina woolley

I love the staff at this location, they are loving and supportive. My kids look forward to hanging out after school and on their school breaks. If they have homework, they are able to get help on that too. The field trips during summer were awesome!

Caitlin Griffin

As a working parent it is so hard to think about leaving your new baby with strangers. When my maternity leave was nearing its end, Miss Monique, the director, gave us a tour and answered any questions we had. Our other son attends another CC location which we’ve been very happy with. After having my little one at the Prescott location for 3 months now, I can say I am very happy with this location as well. I feel like that staff love my little one and I feel like he is safe here. Monique is super sweet and organized. She is a great director at this location. I also love all the staff that work in the Elephant room! Thank you for taking such good care of my baby. Oh yeah, and they even do curricula in the baby room, including art projects!

Sam Fry

We can’t say enough about Childrens Choice! We are so thankful to feel at ease with knowing our daughter is in a safe environment and in the best of hands. The teachers are Amazing. The teachers are so very loving and attentive to our daughter and all classmates. We love the weekly art projects and activities she is involved in. The emphasis on learning. The healthy meals included makes things simple for us parents. The flexibility in schedule offered is perfect for our family. The Director is so very kind and always welcoming. Our Daughter is happy to go to school in the morning and happy when she returns! And that makes us happy satisfied parents!

Carlyn Stich

My daughter has been coming for 2 years (school age) and I have nothing but great things to say. All of the teachers have been amazing and clearly care about the kids. When doing pick up they are clearly aware of what’s going on and provide a recap of the day. My daughter is transported by the vans to and from school and while I was initially nervous about it I’ve never had concerns. She is carefully taken to her class and picked up. I have been at the school and observed the van drivers and they ensure each child safely gets where they need to go. The director Jenni is extremely involved and responds quickly to questions. I would and have recommended several of their facilities to friends and would do it again! Here’s to a 3rd year win CC!

Kim Zenno

We have a 3 yo and 1 yo both attending Children's Choice on East Madison. We love the care they receive. The teachers are receptive to our children's needs and the specific instruction we leave for them. We love Ms. Kim in the Ladybug room and appreciate her helping to potty train our oldest child. And we love Ms. Elisa in the Butterfly room for giving our youngest child TLC and the chance to grow! Ms. Brenda the director and Ms. Jenny the assistant director are always available for any issues or concerns we want to discuss with them. Our 3 yo has also participated in the gymnastic and soccer program that is offered. We are very pleased with the decision we have made to have our children attend Children's Choice!

Tailor Jennings

My daughter loves going to Children's Choice. She always says she has lots of fun everyday, and she especially loves water days.

Vanessa Colmenero

Amazing e facility very welcoming and helped my daughters blossom into kings little girls. My oldest is going to kindergarten next year and she’s set and ready to go!

Theresa Ann Crist

it was nice working there around 2008 or 2009. I wished things differently possibly be still a teacher or teacher asst. I think all workers are hard workers and freda best director. thank you, gor seeing me today!

Jenea Logan-Whitcomb

both my kids went here my son started at 6months old i love this place we have had a wonderful experiance here.

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