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Exceptional Mentorship From Highly-Experienced Leadership

With more than 25 years of experience and accolades to boot, you’ll be joining a team that takes pride in delivering quality early childhood education, and who will add value and wisdom to your professional toolbox.
Learn From Experienced Early Childhood Heroes
Discounted Childcare + Medical, Dental, & Vision Perks Included

Discounted Childcare + Medical, Dental, & Vision Perks Included

You work hard. You should be rewarded for it. You love knowing your little one gets high-quality care and education when they come into work with you daily, all at a discounted price. Plus, keep you and your family covered with medical, dental, and vision perks included!

Enjoy A Curriculum That Values Your Voice

Although we offer solid outlines of our curriculum and learning goals, our leadership welcomes your ideas and unique talents because you know your children’s interests best, and following their lead enriches their experience and boosts engagement.

Enjoy A Curriculum That Values Your Voice
You’re Invited To Share Our Happy Vibe

Block Parties, An Annual Cruise, & More Loyalty Perks

Annual events like neighborhood block parties, open houses, parades, and more bring us together to organize, connect with families, and reap the rewards of hard work with hard play. Did we mention there’s an annual loyalty cruise for the staff?—Fully paid, too!

Plus, These Awesome Perks!

Digital Classroom Management Makes Your Life Easier

Child Developmental Tuition Assistance For Extra Support

Zoo-phonics® & Incredible Years® Curriculum Is Included!

Competitive Pay, Room To Grow, & Bonuses!

Start with a fair salary and full benefits package that gives you peace of mind knowing your health is covered. Count on the room to grow based on performance and tenure, so your hard work and time pay off. 

Competitive Pay With Room To Grow
Enjoy Paid Time Off And Holiday Breaks

Enjoy Paid Time Off & Holiday Breaks

Christmas, Memorial Day, MLK Day, and all major holidays throughout the year are paid time off, so you can benefit from a break without breaking the bank. Come back refreshed and ready to jump back in—and yes, your birthday is included!

Professional Development Helps Your Career & Impact Soar

We’ll invest in your continuing professional development so you can stay on top of the latest in early education and techniques, like how to overcome behavioral challenges or how to optimize teachable moments to deliver the best guidance and care.

The Children Grow And So Do You
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